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Educational University of the Academy of Tourism Sciences of Georgia.

შპს საქართველოს ტურიზმის მეცნიერებათა აკადემიის სასწავლო უნივერსიტეტი

It was founded in 1992. Licensed by the Ministry of Education of Georgia on August 21, 1992, No., the Kutaisi City Court was registered on December 23, 2002. The Civil Service is registered on April 29, 2010. The Ministry of Justice of Georgia is Imereti State Registration Service No. 071 37211, April 14, 2005 Decision No. 12

The university’s main partner is the Georgian Academy of Tourism Sciences, which rewards graduates with guaranteed work.

Our goal is to create a harmonious, modern personality.

The university pays considerable attention to student research, cultural and sports events. Student scientific circles work, systematic scientific-theoretical conferences of professors and students, study tours and sporting events are held. On June 23-24, 2010, the first International Student Scientific Conference was held at the university. Abstracts were published in Georgian, Russian and English. It can be found on the university website. acaduni.edu.ge

University students are the owners of the first places of the International Student Festival “Kutaisi-95”. And his football club Vera has been participating in the Georgian National Football Championship for many years (1994-1995). Club members: played for the Georgian national team (Ashvetia, the Gigiadze brothers, Chkhetiani, etc.).

For many years, the university has been working on a laboratory of socio-psychological problems. The university employs highly qualified professors who collaborate with the University of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus for many years of successful work. They regularly participate in international scientific conferences organized by the Ukrainian side. Their works are published in Ukrainian scientific journals and collections.

In 2011–2019 10 scientific papers of university researchers have been published. Georgian, Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian students presented interesting reports at international scientific student conferences held by the university.

On May 24, 2019, the ninth International Student Scientific Conference of Students was held in the conference room of the University, the educational University of the Academy of Tourism Sciences of Georgia. Interesting reports were presented by students from Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia.

The following diplomas were awarded: M. Arsenidze, B. Kvernadze, M. Shanidze, Z. Chinchaladze, T. Popkhadze, T. Nikabadze, T. Gotsiridze, S. Robakidze, B. Kvernadze, A. Kankia, G. Zhorzholiani, N. Dzhalagonia, A. Mindiashvili, S. Marshalkovich, D. Gvozdeva, S. Lashkevich, A. Kovaleva, V. Makeichik, M. Savchik, A. Golub, V. Cheplya, O. Grak, M. Mashkovich, T. Gaikova, E. Chobanian, D. Zhuk, S. Petrenko, D. Opanasenko. Scientific advisers: N. Kakauridze, M. Kakauridze, N. Kuchaidze, N. Zhorzholiani, A. Bagdavadze, M. Dubina, S. Laptenok, N. Porada, R. Dudinskaya, V. Telmakh.

In 2020, the works of Mariam Shanidze, Tamar Nkabadze, Ani Jvarsheishvili, students of our university, were published in the Proceedings of the 29th International Student Conference, held by the Classical Private University (Ukraine). This is a great victory for our students Accordingly, the published article to the author and supervisor is counted as a scientific work. Reports are published in the collection “International Code ISSN 2346-7746.

Anyone who wants to get a European education in combination with Georgians and a guaranteed place of work for excellent students will be waiting in the Kutaisi office at No. 2 Rodzevich str., .

Tel: 551 60 85 60; 571 45 11 45; 591 22 27 10